Black Money Matters T-Shirt- Women’s

Black Money Matters T-Shirt- Women’s


Hello and Welcome to the Black Money Matters Movement. Below are the steps that you need to take in order to





  • Open an account with a Black Owned Bank as soon as possible


  • Enter the name of the bank in the Coupon Code section of the Checkout page to instantly receive $10 off of your shirt


  • Post a picture of yourself in your T-Shirt on Social Media to inspire others to do the same. We need this movement to GROW.


  • If you have any issues getting your coupon code, please email



It’s that SIMPLE and I THANK YOU in advance for your SUPPORT.



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Product Description



This shirt is for those of your that understand the importance of our dollars. If we pool our money, we can set the foundation necessary to become a STRONG PEOPLE again.



History has shown that without UNITY we are nothing.  I hope that you will joint this movement TODAY. After you get on board, PLEASE spread the word to others.



We need all of the help we can get, but really and truly,  ALL WE’VE GOT IS US!!!




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